Orange is Our New Pick


From picking the perfect one to preparing the ultimate jack-o-lantern, the kids are pumped about pumpkins. So celebrate the season before the snow hits hard by visiting some of these pumpkin-themed fests.

Blue Grass Pumpkin Festival
Why we like it: It’s fun to hit the outskirts of town once in a while, and this Balzac fest (happening this Saturday) fits the ticket. Kids will enjoy running through the straw maze and carving pumpkins, but the 100-foot crane that drops a giant pumpkin onto a car is a real hit with the younger set. We also love that while this event is free, the suggested donation of $5 goes towards the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Kayben Farms Pumpkin & Scarecrow Festivals
Why we like it: Nothing says fall like a trip to Kayben Farms. The kids can run around in the corn maze, paint pumpkins or explore Sunshine Adventure Park while you sip a chai latte from JoJo’s Café by one of the fire pits. Enjoy a farm fresh lunch (the kids’ menu is very reasonably priced) before a family wagon ride. Be sure to take home a pie!

When it comes to pumpkin fests, we’ve got lots of great ‘pickin’s! The kiddos might find the Great Pumpkin in one of our 5 Fun Fall Fests in Calgary.



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