Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Jan Scott February 28, 2017

The highlight of our Thanksgiving dinner is undoubtedly the games and activities that we organize for the kids. There’s always a donut-eating-on-a-string competition between the cousins, a bucket full of water and apples for those who want to do some bobbing, and plenty of used pillowcases for a good old-fashioned sack race.
Our backyard ends up looking like a miniature version of a fall fair, as we also set up a long table with assorted pumpkins and paints for the younger kids who want to take something special home with them. This year we’re adding a round of Thanksgiving-inspired Mad Libs to the line-up, as it’s nice for the kids to have something to do inside the house as well. The older cousins can help the younger ones come up with their word list and then everyone can fill in the blanks of their story with their words before reading it aloud to the group.

I’m anticipating a lot of laughs with this activity, and have even considered getting the adults involved. Kids seem to love when older family members act silly, and I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than a make believe story that’s likely to include some of the people in attendance.

If you’re looking for something simple to keep the kids entertaining this holiday, here’s a printable copy of the game for your own use. If you do end up giving it a try, let us know how it went in the comments and feel free to share the crazy creations that came from your family’s stories.

Download the free SavvyMom Thanksgiving Mad Lib Printable

Download the free SavvyMom Thanksgiving Mad Lib Word List


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