Best Ever Baby Gift


Your close friend just crossed the threshold into motherhood. Baby number one is home. What do you present her in celebration?

  1. bouquet of yellow gerbera daisies
  2. bottle of California cabernet
  3. beautiful newborn sleeper
  4. a frozen casserole

If you chose (d) you are a young mom yourself and you understand the need for a good night’s sleep and dinner on the table. You also understand that healthy home cooked meals take the kind of time modern mothers don’t necessarily have. It’s hard enough to get healthy food on your own table.

Fortunately, that’s where mamaluv comes in. Founded in Montreal by SavvyMom of two preschoolers, Tracy Goodson-Mackay, mamaluv’s new Calgary outpost makes culinary gift giving a piece of cake.

Mamaluv offers healthy, breastfeeding-friendly meals such as Ginger and Lime Chicken with Udon noodles or Seven Layer Vegetarian Lasagna, conveniently delivered and you can order a gift package starting at $59. Dishes are prepared locally by mamaluv’s exclusive personal chef, Joanne Penn and dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon request.


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