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Rhett Butler: “Did you ever think of marrying just for fun?”
Scarlett: “Marriage, fun? Fiddle-dee-dee. Fun for men you mean.”

This fascinating exchange from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gone with the Wind, implies that only men have fun in marriages. We’re not sure about that—but we do know that if you haven’t read this steamy novel, you should. Not only is it one of the most romantic stories ever written, there are enough juicy bits to help your marriage sizzle (hint: read it in bed).

Speaking of sizzle…we think Dr. Trina Read might have agreed with Scarlett when she wrote Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible. In this book, she takes a fresh look at what constitutes good s*x for married women and offers analysis and ideas about how to reignite your own flame (preferably with your partner, of course). Now that’s what we call steamy—hello Valentine.


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