Winter Gardening


“Bling” is the thing we bring home sparkling, shining and twinkling for the holidays. We love blingy things (in small doses) and this is the month to indulge our appetite for glitter, glass and gems.
But step back for a sec and consider your surroundings when decorating the exterior of your home. Often the most elegantly understated decorating accessories can be found in our own backyard (such as twigs, branches and berries), making them not only accessible but cost effective, too.

If it’s difficult to imagine how you might transform your pile of twigs into an outdoor work of art, consider contacting Robin Yeast of Robin’s Gardens. She is a mom of two and a stick sculptress extraordinaire (aka Garden Designer). Robin will come to your home with twigs in hand and create winter sculptures (in your existing garden pots) that will last until spring with a little care (and in below freezing temperatures). Robin’s Gardens charges by the hour plus there are special material costs (if you require purchased greenery). Expect to pay between $50 – 75 per pot.

Most of the material she supplies is cut from Crown Land just outside the city limits. You too can access government forests with an easy-to-obtain five dollar permit from Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (the same type of permit can be used to cut a Christmas tree, as well).


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