Upcycled Animals


Upcycling is the new recycling these days. Even though it’s kind of the same thing, recycling old materials to create new ones is all the rage. It eliminates waste and encourages sustainable living practices.
So take your child’s favourite blanket for example, or an old T-shirt that is too difficult to part with. The most logical thing to do is turn them into an owl, or a hippo, of course.

Local mom entrepreneur Lou Lynn, a fashion designer who has loved owls since she was a child, has combined her talents and passions to create wonderful, whimsical Wishing Owls—a stuffed toy that is as popular with adults as it is with the kids they were made for. Now in her second year of business, Lou creates each owl individually, but each has one similarity: a pocket for hiding those special hand-written wishes or teeth waiting for the fairy to pick up. Lou sources her fabrics from second-hand stores, and uses eco-fill for the stuffing and eco-spun (aka felt) for the eyes, both of which are made from recycled plastic bottles.


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