Santa’s in Town


As if it didn’t happen every year, we are always in awe of the Big Man on parade day. How he has time to pop into town and float around while he is responsible for gazillions of toys to be delivered around the world in three weeks, we’ll never understand. But he’s coming again to this year’s 40th Help Santa Toy Parade as the holiday season is officially kicked off in the Ottawa area.
Here are a few tips to note before you set out this year.

New Time and Route
Mark your calendars! The 2009 parade is taking place on Saturday, December 5, and they’ve made it into a nighttime event this year, starting at 6 pm. The new route begins at the Canadian War Museum, moves east on Wellington, south on Elgin, east on Laurier Ave and finishes at City Hall.

Look at the Parade Map
Take a look at the parade map ahead of time and decide where you’re going to park the car (as well as yourselves). Public transit is always a good alternative, especially since there is an evening performance at the NAC which might cause issues with parking and traffic.


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