Cribs for Kids


Gifts, parties, gifts, crafts, gifts, baking, gifts, family, gifts—our kids learn patterns in pre-school, so it shouldn’t be that hard for us.
This year, we have a way to break out of the gift-getting pattern for our kids and establish a new pattern of giving to SickKids.

While we focus on spending time with our families over the holidays, we are reminded of the children who are spending the season in the hospital and once again, we are hoping to make their stay more comfortable. Our 2008 Crib Campaign raised $16,678, but that only made a dent in the hospital’s goal of $2.5 million to replace most of its beds, cribs, mattresses and stretchers. Parts for aging equipment can no longer be found, and the hospital is now spending funds to rent specialty mattresses, because the older mattresses contribute to skin breakdown, a condition suffered by many of the tiny patients.


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