Feeling Safe


Suzie’s back and is in full summer mode with the kids. With a week’s vacation ahead of her, she’s thinking road trip, and while she may no longer feel “born to be wild”, she can still hit the road, Jack.
Suzie’s Challenge this Week
Suzie is heading out on a road trip to visit her parents with the kids and she has a long drive ahead. She’s planning to leave after work which means driving in the dark. The weather reports are calling for severe thunderstorms, and she feels a bit nervous about driving in these conditions (especially with the kids in the car).

Then she remembers another reason why she loves her Ford Flex—it has superior safety features that really impressed her when she bought it.

The intelligent all-wheel drive with the AdvanceTrac® and Roll Stability Control™ (RSC®) system helps maintain stability in potential “spin-out” situations by sensing any difference in vehicle direction versus the driver’s steering input and then making adjustments by applying individual brakes and/or modifying engine power to help keep the vehicle on the intended path, so Suzie and her family can feel safe in summer thunderstorms and winter snow.

Flex’s Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) prevents skidding and helps the driver maintain vehicle control on slippery road surfaces or during extreme braking manoeuvres.

The Safety Canopy® System features side-curtain airbags that drop from the headliner along each side of the vehicle to protect outboard occupants in all three seating rows in certain side-impact collision or rollover events. A unique roll-fold technology helps the airbag to properly deploy, even if an occupant’s head is resting against the side glass. Perfect to protect sleeping children.

So she feels safe again. As soon as she gets to her parents, Suzie will be relaxed and will be able to enjoy the week with her family.


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