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As moms, it’€™s no secret that our kids are our most prized possessions, but that doesn’€™t mean we have to give up some of our other favourite things. A good book, our favourite jeans, a quiet (and clean) room, a cup of coffee that was made just for us’€”these small things are what often help get us through the day.
Melitta’€™s Pour Over System can help you get that fresh cup of java you need, when you need it. It’€™s a quick and easy, one-cup-at-a-time coffee brewing system which gets you to your Me-time even faster. Just insert one bamboo coffee filter, add World Harvest Coffee, place on top of a Me-time mug and pour boiling water over top.

The precursor to the modern automatic drip coffeemaker, the handy cone pour-over system was actually invented by Melitta Bentz in 1908 and is still viewed by many coffee aficionados as the best way to make great coffee.

No doubt you’€™ll agree it makes the best cup of coffee even better. And it allows you to have your favourite coffee anywhere’€”the office, at home or when travelling.

Now moms never need to settle for instant just because there is no coffee machine. Have great coffee in an instant, with the Melitta Pour Over System.

Where to Buy: Canadian Tire and Home Hardware.
Price: $9.99


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