Finding Your Village in Ottawa: Mommy Connections

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When you’re on maternity leave or are at home with your little one, it’s not uncommon to quickly realize that you need to find a balance between being home with the kids and finding a community for connection.

Having that support can be so crucial as a mom. The rise of mom groups (both online and in-person) has helped create opportunities to meet others while enjoying time with your baby or toddler. Many of us rely on these playgroups to keep the kids busy and communicate with those who understand what we are going through.

Mommy Connections has been in the Ottawa area for a few years now and offers programming across the city for moms to connect and learn while their children play.

Classes are created for expectant moms, moms with babies and those with toddlers. Mom to Be, Mom and Baby and Mom and Tots classes are typically 90 minutes long and with locations in Barrhaven, Orleans, The Glebe, Westboro and Kanata, you’ll likely find a class that is a fit for you and located nearby. Programs are usually 6-8 weeks long and there is a registration cost. Because of this time commitment, you’ll have a better opportunity to meet the same people week after week and get to know them well. Class size ranges from 10 to 15 fellow moms so the group won’t be overwhelming large for you or your little one.

We also love how from time to time Mommy Connections works with local professionals to provide education opportunities or special classes for moms such as a guest speaker on pelvic floor physiotherapy, dance classes and more. In addition, they partner with local businesses to offer special gifts or promotions.

Parent to Be Programs focus on expectant mothers and tackle conversations about nutrition, preparing your body and mind for childbirth, and more regarding the fourth trimester when baby arrives.

Mom and Baby classes are the perfect way to meet fellow moms and bond with your baby. Every week during these classes, discussions and conversations are born from fun activities for moms and babies, or from a local guest expert. These programs are for those with babies usually between two months and nine months of age and you can register for the program as many times as you want. Each session features new speakers and programming. For moms of multiples, twins are welcome at no extra cost.

There’s also an added value in each of these sessions: You receive a mini photo session with a local photographer, and a special gift bag.

The Mom and Tots class is structured every week to provide the opportunity to try a different program in your community with your toddler. This program called Toddler Connections is unique because Mommy Connections is working with available community programs and giving moms and toddlers the chance to find their favourite one. These classes, for moms and children aged 18 months to 4 years old, also provide a professional photoshoot and a swag bag.

No matter how old your child is, or at what early stage of parenting you are in, Mommy Connections will help your child try something new, provide learning opportunities, and give you the chance to enjoy in-person social networking with fellow moms. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to connect while enjoying the extra time spent with your little one.

For more information about current course offerings and registration with Mommy Connections, visit their website.



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