Fit for The King


Rewind to the days when ambience, atmosphere and the wine list were a priority. Fast forward to a stage when eating out is simply an alternative to destroying your own house at meal time. Suddenly, you’re fixated on the availability of chicken nuggets, booster chairs and change tables.
Well we want you to have fun with your food again. Don’t get us wrong—of course the kids need to be happy, but we think you should be too.

Enter Moe’s World Famous Newport Restaurant, known more simply to pizza junkies in the capital as “The Newport”.

Before we discuss the pizza (which, by the way, is great), let’s talk about the fun. The Newport is the self-declared official world headquarters for the Elvis Sighting Society. They love the King so much they named the road behind the restaurant “Elvis Lives Lane”. You can check it out when you go.


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