I Found a Stranger’s Sonogram in a Library Book


In March of last year I found a sonogram tucked between the pages of a library book.

I thought it was a lucky and special thing to find. I love libraries and find the concept of a whole city sharing books, passing them back and forth, to be nothing short of everyday magic.

I briefly considered taking it back to the library, but the sonogram was dated 2014, and what were the chances someone would go looking for it at the library’s lost and found? Besides, the sonogram had a name on it, and that was all I needed. I did a quick Facebook search and found a few people with a name that matched that on the sonogram; one was living in Toronto, and she was holding a baby in her profile picture. I sent her a message.

I finally heard from her this week. Because were weren’t Facebook friends, my message had gone into her ‘message request’ inbox, and she never saw it…until now.

She sent me a reply and a picture of a curly-haired, grinning toddler. She told me that she had probably been reading the book at her doctor’s appointment and tucked the sonogram between its pages when she left. She thanked me for reaching out, said she was so happy I had found it, but as it was now nearly one year later, she was sure I had long since thrown the sonogram out. She seemed OK with that, and simply pleased I had messaged her.

I had no real idea, but I was pretty sure I would never have thrown out such a serendipitous find, especially knowing it might be priceless to someone. I tore through my desk. Nothing. I went through the shoebox of junk under my bed. I went through all the loose papers I keep in the house (not much, I recently Marie Kondo-d all my paper). I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, suddenly struck by a fuzzy, vague remembrance, I walked over to one of my bookshelves and pulled the sonogram out from between two books. I can’t imagine why I had put it there (by accident? To keep it flat?) but it seemed a fitting place to find it for the second time.

I messaged the momma that I still had it, and would be pleased to send it to her. It’s currently in the mail—a fact we’re both pretty happy about.

The lesson? Library books are magical. You can find almost anything between their well-worn pages. Always check that sneaky ‘message request’ folder. And be careful what you use as a bookmark.

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