Get Carded


Low fat…no regular…where’s my favourite yogurt…did the kids wear their hats at recess today…next aisle for cereal and crackers…almost done the groceries…whoa! What’s that? Almost ran into the display of gift cards. What? Gift cards are sold at the grocery store?
OMG, they have iTunes gift cards here, I can’t believe it. That takes care of the older niece and nephew. What a relief, I never know what to buy those kids. And cool, I can pick up a gift card from Bass Pro Shops® for Uncle Joe—he’ll love it! This is awesome.

I think my heart rate is rising. I’m getting so much crossed off my list and I know everyone will love them because they can choose what they want, when they want it. Must ditch grocery list and start checking off my holiday gift list now. How easy is this? What else is there…hmmm.

Sears? Perfect, my sister will put this towards something for her new home. Check. And let’s see…Boston Pizza®? My babysitter will love to go out for a night with her friends with that. And now something for the kids…Oh there, a BLOCKBUSTER® gift card is a great stocking stuffer. They can pick out a DVD movie or game to buy since I never seem to choose the right one anymore. Wait, maybe I’ll get another iTunes card, for me (because someone has to fill mom’s stocking). That must be why they call it the Gift of Choice.

Oh no, running out of time. Bell rings soon. Groceries done and half my holiday list taken care of…I feel like supermom. Must eat chocolate to celebrate.

Learn more about gift cards in Loblaws/Loblaw Great Food and Real Canadian Superstore grocery stores at

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