The Stress of It All


I’ll admit it made me feel a bit better when the results of our survey came in confirming that 58% of moms feel anxious around the holidays and basically wish Santa would provide them with more time and money. To me it’s no surprise, but it’s always fun to get some numbers to back up our intuition.
We conducted the survey with limelitePR and made a few interesting discoveries.

Apparently ‘togetherness’ holds the top spot in moms’ priority list over the holiday season, with 60% saying they love family traditions, 47% love visiting friends and attending parties and 46% love having the kids home and spending quality time with them.

But (as we can attest to) all of that comes with a price, leaving moms with their #1 concern of “how to pay for everything”, and more feelings of anxiety for “not being able to afford more”. Santa, where are you?

In terms of feeling overwhelmed, 50% of the moms surveyed do the majority of holiday preparations and an additional 33% report that they do it all, with no assistance from other family members. For those with significant others, their partner’s contribution is primarily limited to decorating the outside of the house (32%). Well, there’s a surprise!

If you’re feeling stressed, at least you know you’re not alone!


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