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Those of you who have have been around since the beginning might already be savvy about, but since we have 100’s of new readers joining us each and every month (welcome), we thought it was high time for a reminder of why we do what we do and how we do it. Just to be clear.
What’s the essence of SavvyMom?
SavvyMom was born out of a recognition that moms are time-crunched and often depend on referrals from friends to make their lives (and decisions) easier. We aim to be that trusted voice for you, providing edited and simplified information about what we think are the best solutions for moms’ many to-do’s.

How do you decide what to write about?
We write about the things we love, and what we find to be useful as moms. All of the products and services featured on SavvyMom Today have been tried and tested by the Savvy Moms and/or our global team of Savvy Scouts.

What’s new at SavvyMom?
Since the new year, we’ve started a Calgary edition, launched our blog, and brought Smilebox to you. We also launched an Ecolife section and, in response to reader demand, we’ll be on the hunt for more organic and green solutions for you and your family.

Starting this week, we are launching two new features in our newsletters as well. The first is our Tested By tag, which will tell you who tested the product or service featured in the article (because, like we said, everything is tried and tested by our team of real moms). The second is our Related Articles reference which will help you find past related articles on the same or similar topics for those who want more information on the topic at hand. Anything else you think we should add to We’d love to hear your ideas.

Do you make money from the products and services you feature?
No. We do not receive a penny from anything we cover on SavvyMom Today. Not one. That would be contrary to our strict editorial policy and it would take the fun and trust away from our writing.

So how do you pay for the costs of delivering SavvyMom to me?
We offer ad space on the emails (clearly marked as such) we send you to carefully selected partners whom we think have something relevant to share. From time to time, we will also send you an extra email on behalf of an advertiser. They are always clearly marked ‘From Our Partner’. We also send out a Shop Savvy edition once a month which is paid for by featured small businesses (mostly mom-run ones) who have a special offer to share exclusively with SavvyMom readers. This is how we can pay our writers and researchers and web production artists (all of whom are moms btw).

Where is SavvyMom?
We’ve got teams on the ground in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary so you can subscribe to any or all of these editions. Not in these cities? Our National edition (Tuesday’s only) covers national content that is relevant to all moms, no matter where you live.

SavvyMom helps me so much. How can I help you?
Well, since you asked (and how very kind of you), the best thing you can do is spread the savvy word to all your mom friends. So be a good friend, stop keeping it a secret, and share by forwarding the articles to your mom friends and encouraging them to sign up for the newsletter. It’s easy and it’s free—and we want to keep it that way for you.

Any other questions? Please let us know.

We hope you continue to enjoy reading SavvyMom Today—we certainly enjoy bringing it to you.


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