Great Gifts for Foodies

Great Gifts for Foodies

Edible gifts make excellent gifts. After all, even the “person who has everything” has to eat roughly three times a day! And they’re often great for minimalists or people without a lot of space because they’re consumable. Plus, with so many options these days, they can be tailored to a person’s specific tastes and even hobbies. It’s a big, delicious world out there, so shop away (and hope that they share).

Make Cheese

This is a fun kit for a cheese lover or for the family who likes to get creative and experiment in the kitchen. The kits come with everything you need to make a specific cheese: cheddar, feta, mozzarella/ricotta and curds for poutine are on offer.

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Heritage Bee Honey

Real honey, made from lovingly tended to bees, in a variety of scrumptious flavours – think mint chocolate or ginger for the more adventurous, or plain, vanilla or cinnamon for more traditional tastes. Perfect for a stocking stuffer.

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Eatable Alcohol-Infused Popcorn

This one is definitely for the adults. Combine two favourite tastes: popcorn and boozy drinks for a snack that’s fun and tasty. Think whiskey, champagne and even salt and tequila flavours. The kernels come in a variety of sizes and the packaging is sleek.

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La Lichee Caramel

Caramel is back in a big and delicious way, straight from a secret Quebec grandmother’s recipe. Eat it by the spoonful, drizzle over ice cream, or try it on toast! Our minis enjoy dipping cookies, popcorn and even salty crackers into the ooey-gooey goodness, so we give it the kid stamp of approval. We love the range of flavours, from pumpkin spice to maple (there’s even chocolate for the ultimate sweet treat).

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Chaiwala Chai Tea


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Hands down the best chai tea we have tasted, and we’ve tasted many. We love the original blend and also appreciate the caffeine-free rooibos variety. Gift some holiday canisters or spring for our favourite gift set, complete with a lovely mug and strainer to easily lift away the loose-leaf tea.

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Torill’s Table Waffle Starter Set

You know where they eat a whole lot of waffles? Like every day? Norway! And now we can gift this wonderful habit with a starter kit, including a waffle iron that makes five heart-shaped waffles (they taste better in that shape, don’t they, and the kids love them) and a really delicious and wholesome waffle mix (gluten-free available).

$105 |

Live Edge Charcuterie Board

Ok, so you can’t actually eat this one – but you sure can load a whole lot of goodies on top to make the perfect charcuterie board. Even better, it can be engraved for the ultimate personalized gift.

From $80 |

Manning Canning Raspberry Jam

A really authentic charcuterie board will include honey and jam, and this raspberry jam is the best we have ever had, tasting only of the delicious berries. Also wonderful to elevate the kiddos’ favourite PB&J to sublime heights.

$9 |

Nudo Adopt an Olive Grove

Why yes, we’d be happy to adopt an Italian olive grove and have our recipient receive not only the adoption papers and photos, but also beautifully packaged tins of olive oil from the grove throughout the year! Support farmers, gift a little slice of Italy, and grant some delicious olive oil. Perfecto!

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The Roasters Pack

When people love coffee, they really love coffee, and tend to go through it at a rapid pace. That’s why the gift of a subscription box of great coffee, from a one-time purchase to monthly, is such an awesome present. New blends, a steady supply of java – what’s not to love?

From $27 a month |

Fair Square Vegan Boxes

It can be tough to be vegan over the holidays. But Fair Square offers a dazzling array of vegan products – over 600, in fact – and they are delicious. Choose a couple of unique present topper morsels, or go for a full-on gift box – savoury, sweet, breakfast, and gluten-free are just a few examples – delivered to the lucky plant-based giftee.

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Carnivore Club

We covered the vegans so it’s only fair to add something for the meat-eaters, too. Here you can order a meaty snack box, some keto-friendly morsels, or an ongoing subscription box of charcuterie goodies. Or maybe some salami or jerky for the stocking? We can think of a couple of people who would be over the “moo-n” to receive these.

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The Lemon Square

Tart, smooth, sweet and oh-so-delicious with a cup of tea: a lemon square is a thing of beauty. And these not only taste great, they look amazing with on-point packaging and design. It’s so easy to brighten someone’s day with a range of sizes. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

From $35 |

Whatta Basket Salty Snacker

Under the category of “for mankind” are many a wonderful assortment of yummy edibles, all attractively housed in a rugged ‘Man Box”. We think he’ll really like this salty sampler – goes well with beer, we’re told.

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Yum, breakfast. How amazing would it be to have an assortment of oaty-based goodness delivered to a loved one? We’re crushing on the gingerbread granola, but the dark chocolate and cranberry variety sounds mighty fine as well.

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