Halloween Dinner Ideas

Halloween Dinner Ideas - SavvyMom

We all want to bring out our inner ‘Martha’ on special occasions or be the world’s greatest mom on one of the biggest nights of the year for our little dumplings. But let me save you all kinds of effort and time trying to think of something special to feed them before they go out trick or treating… When it comes to Halloween dinner ideas the rules are simple and clear: feed them early and give them something they like to ensure they actually finish it.

This is no time for spooky black squid spaghetti that will get messy, is unfamiliar, and will distract them from the task at hand. No matter how clever and cute your Halloween feast is, they won’t care. All they are thinking about is CANDY (so your adorable ghost toast probably won’t get the attention it deserves). The objective here is to fill their stomach with as much real food as you can before they fill it with the junk that will follow (no matter how strict your rules are, they will sneak a few bites along the way, sorry).

The eating early part is easy to explain—they will be jumping out of their seats if you feed them any later than 4:30 because (I repeat) all they are thinking about is CANDY.

Easy Halloween Dinner Ideas

So think of what they are most likely to eat—chicken fingers, pasta (I would skip the tomato sauce to avoid mess just this one night), chicken and cheese quesadillas—whatever is easy and works.

I am planning on serving up a big pot of Pumpkin Chili with a large crust of baguette on the side. My boys are a bit older so I’m less worried about the mess (she says optimistically). They will still be fed at 4:30 though—I have learned the hard way on that and I’m sticking to my plan!

Have fun, stay safe and be sure to keep some chocolate for yourself!


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