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SavvyMom November 24, 2016
happiness is inc.

We’re very lucky to live where we do.

It’s a fact we try not to take for granted, and one we’re constantly trying to appreciate on a conscious level, especially in November, when our thoughts turn to remembrance and the fact that the freedoms we enjoy didn’t come to us by chance; they were earned.

A little solemn celebration of our county and the people and things that make it great is, we believe, a fitting way to keep one eye on the present while giving a nod to the past this November. Which is why we’re sharing with you our newest love, ‘Happiness Is…’.

‘Happiness Is…’, or HI, is a line of apparel that is made and designed in Canada and that celebrates all the things about our great country that make us happy. 10% of profits go to Canadian non-profits (the David Suzuki Foundation is one benefiting right now). It’s the passion project of 95-years-young Gordon Carton, an entrepreneur, an MPP in the Ontario Provincial Government, and a World War II serviceman.

Gordon believes that there’s no such thing as a ‘lifetime of happiness’. He believes that you get moments of happy, and you take them and celebrate them when you can. For Gordon, so many of his happy moments are tied to his home, and he wants to inspire other Canadians to reflect on their own ‘happy’, too.

HI apparel comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. Celebrate a little piece of Canada and share your happy today.

$36, available at happinessisinc.caUse code SAVVY15 at checkout to save 15%.

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