Have You Had ‘The Talk’?

Use these tips to help your daughter navigate her way through puberty with confidence.

Preparing for ‘the talk’ can be a daunting task. Here are a few simple tips and products to get the conversation started and to help your daughter navigate her way through puberty with confidence:

Be Genuine
The quickest way to get a teen to tune you out is to lecture. Keep your talks natural and have them often, so the lines of communication stay open as she ages.

Always Be Prepared
Hard-to-predict cycles can make the first year of your daughter’s period intense, and she may become frustrated. Build her confidence by suggesting she wear pantiliners every day to avoid any embarrassing accidents. Encourage her to keep a period calendar to track her cycle so she knows when to expect it. One of the best ways to explain the different types of protection to her is to take her to the store to see the options. But make sure you know ahead of time which products you’d recommend, because she’ll likely be embarrassed in the aisle!

Dealing with Body Odour
Once she hits puberty, your sweet daughter might not smell as sweet anymore. At the age of 9, let her know that body odour affects everyone (even you!), and think about giving her deodorant to use as part of her morning routine. This will help her avoid any issues with unwanted odour or wetness.

Choose a deodorant with lasting protection, like Secret Scent Expressions in Ooh-La-La Lavender, which also leaves a lovely, light scent, so your not-so-little girl has one less thing to worry about.

Straight Talk
Schools start puberty education in Grade 5, so make sure you prepare her in advance. Guide her through this time to reduce any awkwardness she might feel in class. Start by giving her the right pads.

Certain types are designed with a teen in mind, such as Always Infinity Teen Pads. These pads provide long-lasting protection to take her from homeroom to the final bell and also have fun patterns to delight your design savvy daughter.

Healthy Oral Care Habits
Since your tween is constantly whispering secrets to her BFF, clean teeth and fresh breath are becoming some of her top priorities. Whether she has braces or not, teach her that flossing regularly and using a power brush will help keep her mouth clean and healthy. Brushing after every meal, or at least twice a day, is very important. Make sure she brushes for at least two minutes.

A power brush designed for smaller mouths, like the Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Rechargeable toothbrush, is ideal for removing gunk.

Staying Active and Protected
Reassure her that she will be able to stay active during her period. When she’s ten years old or has had her period for a number of months already, explain how to insert a tampon, or go to BeingGirl for a how-to video. Help her overcome any fear of tampons by getting her one that offers comfort and easy insertion, such as Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons. Tampax tampons have smooth plastic applicators and rounded tips, plus contoured Anti-Slip Grip™ to make the applicator easy to hold and position, so they’re a perfect choice for a young girl’s first experience with tampons.

Beginner Shaving Tips
Your daughter might start to feel self-conscious about the hair on her legs as early as age ten. Spend some time with her in the bathroom, showing her how to shave using vertical strokes up to her knee and how to place a washcloth on the edge of the tub underneath her foot to help her maintain her balance. Avoiding nicks and cuts is important for a teen, so use a razor like Venus Embrace, which has five blades surrounded by a ribbon of moisture to ensure smooth legs with fewer nicks and cuts*—even for shaving newbies.

*(vs. Gillette Daisy)

If your teen is looking for more information, send her to beinggirl.com.


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