Homework for Parents


Back to school time for parents is not just about getting them dressed, fed and sending them off with sharpened pencils. We have homework too. One of our biggest assignments is finding creative ways to help our schools raise money whether it’s for a safer playground, new uniforms for the teams or additions to the library. We need easy to implement, grassroots initiatives that can bring in money without asking parents to buy things they don’t need or want.
Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards can do just that. With over 20,000 items, Shoppers Drug Mart has something for every family in the school—cosmetics, health and wellness products or everyday household necessities. And Shoppers Drug Mart is in your community—their gift cards are accepted at over 1,000 locations across Canada. Since many parents are probably already shopping at Shoppers, it’s not a stretch to ask them to pay with gift cards to support the school. And even better, using the cards becomes a habit for many families, who keep ordering year after year to the benefit of the school.


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