How to Throw a ‘Stache Bash This Movember

Jan Scott January 12, 2017

It’€™s Movember, and men everywhere are sporting scruff in an effort to raise funds and awareness for men’€™s health issues, in particular prostate and other male cancers.
A quick look at Pinterest tells me this moustache-inspired initiative has become a huge theme for parties and celebrations, from adults to kids alike, and the ‘€˜stache bash is one of the most sought-after themes for November birthdays and baby showers honouring expectant mothers who know they are having a boy. As someone who is 6 months pregnant with my third son, I think the idea is sweet and adds a fun element to a traditional celebration.

If you’€™re planning some sort of party this month, and are considering including moustaches as part of your theme, here are a few ideas for the food, games, and activities, to help you along:

Food and Drink:

  • Set up a ‘€˜Wet Your Whiskers’ drink station, complete with moustache straws, which are sure to add some silly style to your sipping.
  • Cut watermelon or pineapple pieces into a moustache shape using a cookie cutter. Insert a lollipop stick into the side and stick in a vase or lay flat on a platter.
  • Cut party sandwiches into moustaches with a cookie cutter. If a moustache-shaped cookie cutter isn’€™t available to you, use a heart-shaped one instead, cutting a line just below the curve at the top of the heart.
  • Make chocolate moustache lollipops for party snacking or to give away as a take-home gift.
  • Make a moustache cake‘€”this simple DIY requires no fancy tools or equipment and is guaranteed to be the highlight of your bash.

Games and Activities:

  • Place a variety of moustaches on sticks and create a photo booth of sorts, encouraging guests to sport a different ‘€˜stache for group and individual photos.
  • Play ‘€˜stick the moustache on the man’€™ by giving everyone a paper moustache to attach to a large drawn or print-out face of the man.
  • Set up a moustache face painting station with sample moustache photos and a variety of coloured paints (black, brown, red, yellow). Ask guests to choose which ‘€˜stache they like best, and paint their face accordingly.
  • Place a basket of stick-on moustaches at the front entrance of the party and encourage guests to wear one for the duration of the event.

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