Human Barbie Birthday Gifts


I read a rather belated post from Katie of The Bad Moms Club fame and scribe to the Mother Bumper about the human Barbie and a gift she presented to her seven year-old daughter. It was the gift of breast implants. Not for this year, but for when she will need them. When she will need them.
‘Shocking’ is the only response I can write here because none of the other words that come to mind are on the savvy list of approved diction.

Katie’s post says it all. There is no need to expand except that I have one additional point to make on this subject—I think I know what this mom is up to. She is not really as blind as we think about believing her daughter might need (or even appreciate) the implants one day. By delivering this gift to her daughter (and letting everyone know about it), she is looking for the exact same attention from the world that she gets from being the human Barbie. It’s a PR gig and her daughter is being used as fodder for her campaign.

I have no more to say because I am only giving into the very cause she has created. My apologies for saying anything, but I just felt like commenting and sharing my distaste and concern on this one.

Agree, disagree or choose not to participate in the conversation for good reason. It’s your choice.


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