Looking for Your Real-Life Parties


Last week, SavvyMom reader Sandra shared pictures of her son’€™s camping-themed birthday party with us here on the PartySavvy blog. This backyard bash was a true celebration, and included a creatively decorated cake, tents, camping food and outdoor movies.
We were smitten’€”and also inspired, and as such, we’€™d love to run a regular series here on the blog featuring real-life birthday parties you’€™ve put together for your kids. They don’€™t have to be fancy or overly fussy; we just want to see how you celebrate birthdays in your home.

If you’€™re interested, please share one photo from the party you’€™re most proud of in the comments below. If selected, I will be in touch to ask you some questions about the event, and to get a few more pictures from you, if you’€™re interested in sharing (I hope you are). As a party enthusiast, I’€™m always looking for creative ideas, and I love the idea of introducing SavvyMom readers to each other.

To get the ball rolling, I’€™ll go first. The photo above is from my son’€™s recent birthday party. He turned 13 back in April, and we celebrated with a family-only party (the friend sleepover party happened the following week). I wanted to put an emphasis on my new teenager by celebration his childhood, but I knew it had to be done in a way that wouldn’€™t embarrass his sensitive soul. So I collected thirteen photos, one from each of his previous birthdays (or sometime close to them), and hung them from helium-filled balloons that were displayed over our living room mantle. It was simple, made a statement and gave everyone something to talk about; I was thrilled with the outcome.

Okay, now it’€™s your turn. Feel free to upload a photo or video from one of your own parties’€”I can’€™t wait to see what you come up with.


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