Fun Family Activities to Do Over March Break


Make this March Break the week you take a step back from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your family. Plan a few activities but keep it simple and relaxed and you’€™ll be sure to have a great time together.
Use their week off to find that work/family balance. Take some time off work, if possible, and go out of town. If travel isn’€™t in the forecast, act like tourists in your own city. Visit the landmarks, go to some local events and exhibitions, and let the kids help plan the activities they want to do. Having them involved in the process will help the excitement grow leading up to the outings.

If you’€™re looking for a creative outlet, let your kids redesign old pieces of clothing. Give them fabric paint, beads and other embellishments to decorate pieces. Or visit a pottery shop where you can all paint your own ceramics, customizing them however you want. If a sibling or friend’€™s birthday is coming up, suggest making something as a gift, but any creation of theirs will be a great keepsake.

Another way to spend quality time together is to stage your own blackout. Unplug your electronics and leave technology behind for a night. Use flashlights and candles, play board games, tell stories and snack on homemade treats you whipped up together earlier that day.

Cooking with your kids is another great activity. Whether they’€™re helping you bake a batch of cookies, make dinner or plan a meal, they’€™ll learn how to work in a team, develop their fine motor skills and become more independent in the kitchen. For an added learning opportunity, ask them to pick a country and then make a food that is specific to that culture. Find some music associated with the region to listen to and learn some interesting facts about the area to discuss when you sit down to eat the meal you’€™ve prepared together.

A week may seem like a long time, but it will pass before you know it. Make sure to spend that time together, doing things that you normally wouldn’€™t have time for.


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