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This past week was both busy and relaxing—what with V-Day, a short work week and a four day weekend to keep the kids busy. Oscar shocking, strangers slapping babies and some great new snack ideas were all things that caught my attention this week.
1. Valentine’s Day is over, with great relief to many. For those in relationships, it’s a lot of pressure. For those who are not, it’s even greater. I have a single friend who declared Valentine’s Day as ‘Singles Awareness Day.’ Clearly IKEA Australia was not concerned about the single woman market when they advertised free cribs for babies born nine months after February 14. This is the kind of wit and humour we’re seeing more and more on brand Facebook pages to engage and entertain their communities. I love it. Please send me your favourite Facebook brand posts if you see any.

Kirsten's blog post

2. In much less funny news, it’s no surprise that Oscar Pistorius caught my attention last week. It’s tough to feel sorry for the guy and it’s really tough to not judge him. His story isn’t very sound—but in a world where everyone is innocent until proven guilty, we should take a page out of Kirsten’s blog post. She’s a mom with a special needs child who has an interesting non-judgemental perspective on the case. It’s sad and bad on so many levels—but it’s particularly incomprehensible when you think of the hope and inspiration he has taken away from special athletes all over the world.

an 'executive' slapped a baby

3. Another story from the crazy news archive: an ‘executive’ slapped a baby on a plane last week. According to the account I read on Babble, the boy’s mother, Jessica Bennett, 33, was trying to soothe her son upon descent when the executive told her to shut him up and used a racial epithet. He then allegedly slapped the baby, causing a cut under his eye. He was charged with assault to a minor, has been fired from his job and faces up to a year in prison for his actions. Look at him…I think I could take him on if he slapped my baby. I know I would have wanted to…

Chickpea Patties

4. Speaking of small children, they really are the fussiest of eaters. Thank goodness they are adorable because they drive their moms crazy when it comes to feeding them. That’s why we have Jan Scott, our food editor, who has all kinds of great ideas for feeding toddlers. Last week she shared a few great ideas and this week she came up with another great toddler snack idea that I just had to share.

President's Choice Insider's Report

5. Since you’re so busy making healthy foods for the kids, you’ll need to make sure you’re stocked with healthy options for yourself, too. I noticed yesterday in my President’s Choice Insider’s Report that they are offering two cool new products that I’ll be adding to my shopping cart. One is the yummy Chocolate Granola Boost with Protein to include in my morning yogurt and the other is the PC Organics dark greens salad—the Kale, Chard and Spinach Mix. I think it will get me going this week.

Are you planning on watching the Oscars? I think we’ll be enjoying it in our pyjamas this year. Don’t forget that if you haven’t seen all of the movies yet, there is no need to panic. You can find lots of the nominees on iTunes now. Go watch. There are only four more days left.

Have a great week.


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