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This week I’ll tell you five things I’ve had enough of lately, like school shootings, Miley Cyrus, Martha Stewart, hockey fights and bad skin.
1. I received an email this week with the subject line ‘No. More. Miley’. I thought it was genius because it worked—I opened the email. Then, as I was doing some Halloween costume research, I kept coming across images of Miley costumes everywhere, prompting that phrase to repeat itself in my head. While I was searching, I also found this awesome costume idea on Pinterest for a little girl—it’s called the Diction Fairy. If I had a daughter (which I don’t), this is what I would want her to dress up as. Not Miley. I have had enough of Miley.

2. I was in the United States last weekend and I found myself having a conversation with a stranger who asked me what it was like living in Canada. He said he never imagined living anywhere other than the US. It was early in the morning (I hadn’t had my coffee yet) and I found myself blurting out, ‘Well, I have lived in a few countries, including the US and they aren’t that different except in Europe and Canada you’re not worried about getting shot.’ My children looked at me in horror for bringing up such a controversial subject, but the gentleman looked at me earnestly and said, ‘Yes, that would make a big difference these days, especially if you have young kids.’ Two days later I read in the paper that a 12-year-old boy in Nevada shot his teacher and then himself, while wounding two others in the process—all before the morning bell rang. I have had enough of kids with guns and school shootings.

No Guns

3. Since my son suffered his concussion a few weeks ago, I am a nervous wreck and am unable to enjoy watching any kind of contact sport. Watching the NFL is like The Hunger Games to me, but apparently women’s hockey is just as bad. Watch this fight at the US vs. Canada game. Again, If I had a daughter (which I don’t) she would not play hockey—not because it’s a boys’ sport or because it’s not feminine—but because of the fighting. I have had enough of fighting in hockey.
4. Martha Stewart is a legend, no doubt about it. From cake maker to media giant, she is an icon and pioneer in the lifestyle media space, paving the way for many new personalities to share their content, crafts and recipes from bloggers to Gwyneth Paltrow to Rachel Ray. She should be acknowledged for her success and great accomplishments as so many women are taking a page out of her books and magazines to start their own blogs and brands. Why then, is Martha quoted on national television asking ‘who are these bloggers?’ Perhaps, Martha, they are the 100 bloggers who are a part of your Martha’s Circle, a network of publishers who were selected because they provide ‘relevant content, audience and traffic’ (taken from the Martha Stewart Media Kit). Being territorial about her space is so unbecoming when she should be embracing and supporting those who are following in her footsteps. A statement like ‘these bloggers are not the experts’ just does not make sense. Firstly, she should understand her business well enough to know that her media empire includes them, but she should also remember that when referring to the lifestyle ‘experts’, she’s talking about making cupcakes and crafts. Just to be clear. I think I’ve had enough of Martha for now.

Martha Stewart

5. Finally, I have had enough of tired, dry skin. I realize it’s a First World problem, but since I live in the First World, I decided to accept an invitation to Consonant Skincare for an all-natural crystal microdermabrasion and light therapy treatment (try fitting that into a 140 character tweet). I loved the treatment and my visit to Consonant, as I always do. Stay tuned for more from one of my favourite places in the city as they will be offering pop-up spa treatments coming in November and introducing practical ways to help Breast Cancer patients. Because we have all had enough of dry, tired skin.

Consonant Skincare

Have a great week.


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