Minty White Smile


Normally my visits to the dentist are not worth sharing. A little wait, a little gas, a rugged cleaning, and I’€™m out.
This season, the Bonds made a jaunt of it’€”through Baxter’€™s naptime no less. Like a German automotive plant, we had the plan down to a ‘€˜T’€™. I dropped Amy off at the front door at Young and Bloor, and then BB and I parked. BB explored the nooks and crannies of Yorkville, as well as the main drag of Bloor. His smiles, chirps and yodels were virtually snubbed by all the well-to-dos. He was beginning to give up hope with the region’€™s population until we reached the 19th floor for my appointment and the hand off.

Baxter entered in his stroller and the whole office lit up. Six beautiful women took turns complimenting and encouraging little B. I haven’€™t seen more beaming since the Academy Awards. Baxter thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was passed from one woman to the next, with eyes like pizza pies and a smile that could split his head. He was pampered, primped, pranced and paraded throughout the office. I apologize to those patients trying to suffer in peace; it’€™s no place for banter, chortling and full-on merriment.

At this moment, I’€™m not sure who was more entertained’€”all the ladies in spiffy uniforms (shout out to Melissa, Vanessa, Tammy, Gina, Shannon and Mara), or my little boy. In the end, it was I. I was proud as a peacock and loved sharing the feeling that comes when a happy baby enters a room and takes over. I really had a blast at the dentist today. And look mom, no cavities!


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