Navigating the Snack Aisle


It’s an age old question with no clear cut answer. For some, having 3 square meals is their preferred route but for many, smaller meals eaten and a couple of smart snacks help keep energy levels strong and blood sugar levels even. Simple enough, right?
But what snack and for how many calories? How do you assess a snack? It is always best to grab a piece of fruit or a handful of veggies, no doubt! That way, you are not creating landfill waste, and no matter which you choose, you are sure to come out ahead with nutrients. But, we are an on-the-go nation who loves our packaged convenience. So here’s a rundown of the best healthy habits options that are low cal, still feel like a treat, and won’t do damage to the bottom, er, bottom line.

Carb craving?

  • Popchips! Because the potatoes are hot-air popped and not baked or fried, they are deliciously low in calories and high in flavour. Coming in all of the traditional chip flavours and satisfying 100 calorie single serving sizes makes them a fantastic “I’m peckish but I don’t want to ruin my dinner” snack.

Protein starved?

  • Try Blue Diamond almonds single serving 100 calorie packets. They are tiny and it would be easy to eat two, but let the pouch be your guide and stop there. There are four grams of protein in any one of the flavoured packets from Teriyaki to lightly salted.

Need refreshing?

  • You could always pack a piece of fruit, that’d be your best bet, but, if you are worried about the bruises, here’s an option. Motts has delicious, unsweetened fruit cups in delicious fruit blends. Try the Country Berry flavour and pop it in the freezer overnight. It’s fabulous frozen and great as it thaws. The best part is, you get two of the containers for a measly 100 calories. That ought to wake you up!

Time for a dip?

  • There is nothing like hummus and crackers but what a pain to pack! Luckily Summer Fresh has done it for you with their Snack and Go product. Best bet is the Red Pepper hummus to get the most nutrients out of your 160 calorie snack.

Super Sweet?

  • Dark Chocolate is the way to go, no doubt about it. Look for formulations that say how much cocoa is used—you are looking for 70% or more for the most antioxidant power. If you find it hard to stop at just two thin squares (which is what 100 calories looks like!), both Cadbury and Hershey have new bars that wrap it up for you.

Full disclosure: I like Popchips so much that I became their nutritional spokesperson.


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