The Savvy Guide to October

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

It’s October-feast. Gobble, gobble. (If the turkey doesn’t get you, the chocolate will.)

To a pumpkin farm, pick apples, take pictures of your kids in the autumn leaves and drink hot apple cider.
Why? Because you’ll freeze, you’ll be tired and the kids will cry in the car but you’ll have a day out and you’ll be happy to have those fall photo memories in years to come. Just remember to dress warmly—very warmly.

The Wiggles in concert at the ACC. Tickets will be sold out soon, we’re sure of it—so be sure to order online today at Ticketmaster.
Why: ‘cause they are the hottest show in town (think Rolling Stones for kids) and we think Captain Feathersword is cute.

Prepare your house for winter. Yup, that means planting bulbs, cleaning eavestroughs and having your furnace checked. (Sorry—just pick one at least.)
Why? Because you’ll pay later. You know we’re right.

Some fresh cranberries for our fool-proof you-can-impress- anyone-even-your-mother-in-law easy Thanksgiving dinner recipe.
Why? It’s easy, quick and ‘berry grown up’.

In the leaves with the kids. Get some small plastic rakes for the kids and encourage them to help with the yard work by making big piles and jumping in them.
Why? Because it’s more fun than grocery shopping.

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