A Royal Party


There comes a time in a girl’€™s life when her fantasies focus on ball gowns, glass slippers and improbably long hair. You may want to roll your eyes’€”but that time is somewhere between the ages of two and six, and the next thing you know, you won’€™t be able to get her out of her scruffy jeans. So now may be the time to indulge your preschooler with a princess party.
Little Princess Party Fun is a dream come true if you want to host the party at your home (or venue of choice), but have someone else do all the work. Choose from one of nine princess characters, and she will arrive at the appointed time to dazzle your guests with magic, face painting, singing, balloon animals and more.

Recently, Little Princess Party Fun has teamed up with a photographer, and will offer parents the opportunity to pay a little extra’€”a very reasonable $50 for an hour’€”to have professional party photos taken. The price includes 10 edited photos plus a disc with all remaining photos.


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