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Herb and Spice Wellness Shop

Spit up, blow outs, and those first spoonfuls of solid food…babies can be messy little people. But putting hard-to-read chemicals and perfumes on that soft, perfect baby skin gives us reason to pause.

Thankfully there are lots of organic products available for those sensitive little kid years, and the Herb and Spice Wellness Shop, just across the street from their well-known grocery store, gathers all these great products into one convenient locale.

We just love having access to Everyone Soaps and their line of natural, plant-based, self-foaming liquid soaps in fun squeezeable containers—a great way to encourage toddlers to wash up after flushing. Herb and Spice also carries the Aleva Naturals line of wipes, a soft and organic choice for cleaning up messes on-the-go, wiping dropped pacifiers, or even gently cleaning baby’s first teeth. Ready for brushing, but not sure about fluoride? Try some of Kiss My Face’s ‘obsessively natural’ fluoride-free toothpaste.

There are plenty of sweet-smelling delights for new moms, too. Earth Mama indulges with intoxicating body butter, while Shoosha makes an all-natural stretch mark serum (no one needs to know your secret!). There’s plenty of choice in sunscreens for the whole family—we swear by Green Beaver’s non-whitening, waterproof, SPF 30 blend that provides chemical-free protection for kids and parents alike. And we couldn’t resist slipping a few tubes of Badger Balm organic beeswax lip balm into our shopping bag—it was just too hard to choose between Lime Rocket, Mocha Cocoa, and Sweet Orange.

Feeling healthy and clean on the outside certainly does make us feel good on the inside. 

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