Ice Cream Supreme


Cool down with new allergy-safe coconut ice cream at the Thimble Café. Find out more.

You love your lactose-intolerant child, but on those hot and humid dog days of summer, you just want to throw caution to the wind and eat ice cream. Just for fun.

You can bring back that fun mom, because thanks to Thimble Cafe in Barrhaven, families with a dairy sensitivity can indulge in something cold and creamy at this charming little cafe, already well-known for creating delicious allergy-safe desserts.

All cakes and cupcakes are nut, peanut and egg free, and many are gluten and dairy free as well—not that you would ever be able to tell. We like to pamper ourselves with their classic vanilla cupcake—heaped inches tall with a swirl of whipped icing—and a cup of herbal tea when we’re out on the town. And there’s no better bakery to get custom-made birthday cakes that are sure to be safe for all your little party guests.

But what really sets Thimble Cafe apart is their selection of delightfully fresh, cool and creamy coconut ice creams. We loved the mint chocolate chip, latte and raspberry flavours—all so very, very rich and flavourful, we may never go back to the dairy version. Cones come in regular and gluten-free versions so everyone is able to have exactly what they want and how they want it.

What a sweet relief to find a place where there’s a choice of goodies for the whole family.


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