Get What You Want


Let’s not mince words: the best way to get what you want is to ask for it.
And what most of us want for Mother’s Day is that perfect blend of quality time with our kids and alone time for ourselves. To make sure you get both, you just might want to forward this article to your beloved….

Fathers, the first rule is: take the work out of brunch by having someone else make it. We all know that Dad at the stove leads to kids on Mom’s lap (or worse, Mom cleaning the mess up after). An empty quiet house will be appreciated while you and the kids pick up the breakfast goodies.

Thyme and Again on Wellington Street in Westboro offers a mouth-watering menu of gourmet foods available for pick-up. If you’d rather spend less and keep it simple, pick up hand-rolled Montreal-style bagels, toppings and extras from a Kettleman’s Bagel Shop (Ottawa’s best, in our opinion), from one of their three Ottawa locations (east end, west end and the Glebe).

The kids can help by setting the table, serving the food and taking orders for coffee and tea. Put them to work making home-made place cards—all they need is construction paper, markers and glitter glue.

Prefer something free? Plan a picnic, hike or tree-climbing adventure on the grounds and trails of the Central Experimental Farm. Streamline picnic-packing with help from an Herb and Spice Shop (there’s one downtown and another in Wellington Village)—just bring a cooler and picnic basket, then load up on fresh breads, cheeses, dips, fruits and treats.

Bonus: this year on Mother’s Day, specialty growers and nurseries will be selling plants and flowers at the farm all morning, with master gardeners on hand to answer questions.

And now some advice for the moms: when you’ve had all the food, hugs and family time you can stand for the day, take your pretty little self to Le Nordik in Chelsea, a spa featuring a Finnish sauna, Nordic waterfall, cold and temperate Scandinavian baths and Swedish, Californian and hot stone massage therapy.

It’s usually true that if you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself. But we don’t mean the cooking—we mean the directing. Place your Mother’s Day order, then put your feet up and enjoy!

Thyme and Again
(613) 722-6277

Central Experimental Farm
(613) 230-3276

Herb & Spice Shop
(613) 232-4087

Le Nordik Nature Spa
(819) 827-1111/Toll free (866) 575-3700


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