Shake Up the Break

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

We’re staying a little closer to home this March Break and although we’re tempted to camp out at home with the Wii, we’ve got some savvier ideas to shake it up a bit.

How about…

…hosting a sleepover party without the actual sleeping?
It’s a perfect solution for kids who are too young to take on the real thing. Get together with another family in the afternoon or in the early evening and invite the guests to bring their pyjamas and teddy bears. Popcorn and a movie will round it out perfectly. Just keep it simple to avoid skyrocketing stress levels.

…taking in a museum that is not on your typical radar?
Our standby favourite field trip is the Canadian Museum of Nature and there’s a special exhibition about chimps on right now which might thrill your own little monkey. The Canada Agricultural Museum (a.k.a The Experimental Farm) has a number of great activities planned this time of year too. But have you been to the Canadian War Museum yet? Enjoy the gorgeous architecture and learn about “A Bear in War”.

…riding the waves?
The Kanata Wave Pool might sound daunting but it’s actually a very manageable place to bring kids of all ages. It is not the tsunami you may be think it to be. Entry into the big pool is gradual and beach-like, and the waves are enjoyed just as much from this vantage point. There’s a curvy slide (best for five and up) and lots of toys to be discovered in the (slightly warmer) kiddie pool.

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