Pick of the Week: Personalized Tooth Fairy Pouches

Tooth Fairy Bags

Here’s a super-cute idea for your little ones ready to lose teeth: My L’il Tooth Tote.

These personalized bags from Lil Pals Decals are designed to hold your kid’s tooth while waiting for the big visit from the Tooth Fairy.

We love that it’ll keep your little one’s tooth safe and sound underneath their pillow because we all know how devastating it can be to lose a tooth before it gets left for the famous fairy!

Each bag is printed with your child’s name and a sweet little poem on the back. It also comes with an “Official Tooth Tracking Chart” so you can keep track of all that tooth-losing (if that’s your thing!)


My L’il Tooth Totes are available on the Lil Pals Decals site for $10. 



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  1. Stefani on July 17, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Great timing for this post. I have been looking for a tooth fairy pouch/pillow/etc. Do you know where the tooth fairy doll in the picture came from?

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