Room(s) to Grow

You’ve given up your easy-to-park, cheap-to-fill-up pre-family car for a minivan and made room for a garish plastic potty on your carefully-chosen bathroom tile. Not to mention that Dora, Diego and the Doodlebops regularly take over your TV screen.
Now it’s time to decorate your kids’ rooms and you’re preparing to completely surrender your sense of style in favour of superheroes or princesses for your little angels.

Like your own personal superhero, we’re here to rescue you from that fate. Sure, your kids deserve a great bedroom but you also deserve to love your house, and all the rooms in it (yes, that means their rooms too).

Red Chair Kids, the newest arrival to Wellington Street West’s décor-savvy strip, is determined to help you manage both.

Mom preneur Monica Gallivan loves decorating for kids. She enjoys it so much that once she finished setting up rooms for her own three, Emma (12), Aidan (10) and Paige (8), she started Red Chair Kids to create rooms with flair for other people’s kids.

While Monica was prepared to visit the ends of the earth (or at least Toronto) to source all the great furniture and accessories to make each room perfect, she doesn’t think you should have to.

So, in the spirit of making fun, timeless, high-quality items available at a reasonable price right here in Ottawa, she’s opened Red Chair Kids, pulling together brands like Oeuf, Dwell, Bugaboo, Bratt Décor and more, under one roof.

If you fall into any of these three categories, Red Chair Kids just might be the solution you’ve been looking for:

  • Because you know exactly what you want. And you haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. From linens and accessories designed to go from crib to college, to home-grown original artwork, either Red Chair will have it, or they’ll help you get it.
  • Because you’re not quite sure what you want. And you need to browse. At Red Chair you’ll see a heap of products all in one space which should make settling on your final choice that much easier.
  • Because you have absolutely no idea what you want. From colourboards to catalogues, Red Chair can help you figure out where to start a room or how to put the finishing touches to one already underway.

So breathe some new life into your kids’ rooms. They’ll think you’re the savviest mom ever and you’ll be glad the superheroes have stayed on the TV screen where they belong.

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Red Chair Kids
1318 Wellington Street West
(613) 798-5437


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