DIY Parenting

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Okay, you might not be a general contractor. But for basic fix-it jobs, a hammer’s all it takes. Maybe a screwdriver. Got a nail? You’re away to the races.
It’s the same with parenting. You’re far too busy being a mom to run out and get a psych degree to see if you’re doing it right. Fortunately, two Vancouver authors have published books that are the equivalent to the toolkit in our kitchen drawer. Got a problem that needs fixing? Thanks to their easy-to-read design, you can dip into these DIY books and emerge with just the right info to help with some of motherhood’s basic challenges.

Parenting educator Fran Kammermayer’s It’s Not a Plot to Drive You Crazy! is laid out in short, easy-to-access sections that deal with common frustrations. Does your child need your attention desperately as soon as you’re in the middle of a phone call? See Section 49, “The Phone,” and soon you’ll be giving both your children and your callers the attention they deserve.

Does daycare or preschool pickup pose a problem? Section 21 will remind us that “children are constantly subjected to the invisible timing and scheduling imposed by their parents”. The suggestions that follow will have your homecoming routine smoothed over in no time.

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