Savvy or Not So Savvy?


Kids being banned from restaurants, co-sleeping and celeb baby names make the list this week.
What’s so topical about a restaurant in Pennsylvania banning children under the age of six, saying their boisterous behaviour bothers others patrons and is bad for business? I think it’s because the owners aren’t blaming the children, but rather the parents. Apparently, they argue that there is a noticeable decline in the behaviour of children aged 2 to 5, and after repeated appeals to parents to calm children down, their staff was ignored. It’s the parents who are being banned, not the kids.

I agree wholeheartedly with what Emma Waverman of Embrace the Chaos has to say when she asks why is this being talked about again? But I will be brave and say that it doesn’t surprise me when I hear owners wanting to ban the parents, not the kids. Small business owners have to make decisions to protect their loyal customers. If they don’t want my family in their restaurant, I don’t want to go there. Just don’t expect me to be a patron a few years down the road when our kids are older.

What do you think? Savvy or not so savvy?

Co-Sleeping was in the news this week when Erica Jong suggested in a New York Times article that co-sleeping was killing parents’ sex lives. Really? This is news? I ask you, what parent doesn’t know this?

Although it hasn’t been talked about voraciously on the mommy blogs, I noticed it did garner up to 160 comments on the Globe and Mail site at its most recent viewing. So even if it’s obvious, it’s also a topic that is close to people’s heart strings (and headboards). That is, it’s important enough to people that they are participating in the discussion. Not a shocker.

What do you think? Savvy or not so savvy?

While Harper Seven Beckham (Victoria and David’s baby girl) and Bingham (Bing) Hawn Bellamy (newborn son of Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy) get used to their new monikers, celeb baby names are on everyone’s mind once again. Here’s the scoop on the Today’s Parent blog.

I do understand that baby names are always a topical subject—especially for new parents. I also understand that people are obsessed with celebs (sadly). So put the two together and come up with a name like Bing (seriously) and you have something to talk about.

Think of the fun they can have creating rhyming nicknames for him… Bing a ling ding dong ding.

I suppose they don’t have to worry about getting busted in the schoolyard for being named after a sound their cell phone makes. He’ll likely be homeschooled. Lucky Bing… ding dong ding.

And by the way, I’m allowed to judge having grown up with a name like Minnow and being married to a man named Rupert. Just sayin’.

What do you think? Savvy or not so savvy?


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