S’mores Cookies

Jan Scott April 12, 2016

When you pair a quintessential summer treat with a portable picnic food, what you’€™re left with is a snack the entire family will be eager to devour. We have one month left of summer, and while I’€™m longing for the flavours of fall (aren’€™t they the best?) to arrive at my local market, I’€™m prepared to enjoy the remainder of this season to its fullest.
In order to do so, we’€™re still firing up the barbecue regularly, grilling corn, eating ice cream and berry crumbles, and infusing s’€™mores into every dessert imaginable. I’€™ve made a s’€™mores sheet cake, s’€™mores ice cream sandwiches, and perhaps the best of the lot: these s’€™mores cookies.

If you’€™re wondering what to take to a late summer picnic or potluck, these are the answer. Tuck them into the day-camp lunch box, share them with your favourite toddlers on an afternoon playdate or turn them into an epic frozen treat by pressing a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two of them. But whatever you do, make them, eat them and share them, and enjoy what’€™s left of the season.

What’€™s your favourite s’€™mores-based dessert?

Find the full printable recipe here: S’mores Cookies

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