The Kit Kat Birthday Cake


Last January, I made a Kit Kat birthday cake for my son. He’€™s now past the phase of having his cakes decorated based on a favourite cartoon character, but at 11 he still looks for something fun and festive and that screams ‘€œHappy Birthday’€. This candy bar-coated cake fit the bill perfectly.
To make it, you simply ice a favourite two-layer cake with a thick layer of chocolate frosting and cover the sides with pieces of Kit Kat chocolate bar, nestled close together like a fence. The candy covers up any imperfections in the decorating, making this technique perfect for those who are less than confident about their cake making skills.

I chose to cover my cake with M&Ms, and my friend Julie, who made the same cake for her son Willem later in the year, used mini Oreos to grace the top of her baked birthday treat. Here at SavvyMom, we even turned the idea into an Easter dessert by covering the cake with colourful mini chocolate Easter eggs, proving that the concept can work for any special occasion, not just a birthday. The ribbon around the middle of the cake is completely optional, but does add a little something extra special to the overall look. You could also use baker’€™s twine in a pinch, like Julie did.

Do you have a favourite way to decorate a birthday cake without using cartoon characters or other popular themes?

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