The Savvy Guide to November

SavvyMom October 4, 2016

BOO! It might be Halloween today, but it’s November tomorrow. Here’s our guide to this chilly and long month.

Put away all that Halloween chocolate you have stashed and start a work-out routine (sorry)
Why? So you’re in shape by the time the holidays hit, which means you’ll have more energy to get through them. You might like the way your party dress fits too.

Snowsuits, hats, mitts, boots and anything else your kids need to be prepared for the day winter arrives
Why? Because it will happen, and you don’t want to be that parent who sends your kids to school in running shoes when there is snow on the ground.

Soccer baseball in the leaves
Why? Because it’s an easy game for all ages and it encourages lots of running (and cheering). All you need is a few piles of leaves for the bases and a soccer ball. The pitcher rolls the ball to the player up ‘at bat’ who kicks it and runs around the bases. If the runner gets tagged by someone who catches the ball, they’re out.

20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids by Toni Schutta
Why? Because our friends (and one of our most fave companies), Alison Smith and Debbie Zinman, are featured in a great chapter called, ‘Raising a Generous Child in a ‘Me’ Culture’.

Why? Because it’s a wholesome new series that covers important subjects such as friendship, bullying, politics and allergies. It’s online, so you can watch it at your convenience and it’s great for family co-viewing.

Why? Because it allows family members who are ‘geographically challenged’ to read together. It’s perfect for far away grandparents, or parents who travel a lot for work.

Recycle your old coats—big and small
Why? Because you can’t throw them out, it’s bad for the environment and there are people who can use them throughout the winter months. Pick up a coupon when you bring your kids’ old coats into West49 or talk to someone in your local church or community centre. They are always looking for coats and socks.

Banana Chocolate Chip Lunchbox Cookies
Why? Because these cookies are chock full of healthy oats, potassium-rich bananas (use those overripe ones you’re not sure what to do with) and are nut free—making them perfect for lunchboxes.

A free three-month Premium Membership for
Why? Because we hate it when online stores won’t ship to Canada, and is the first package forwarding company that helps you get around that. Just sign up for a US address and start shopping—they do the rest.



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