The Savvy Guide to October

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Fall into October with our guide. Find out more.

We start the month being grateful and we end it by eating candy. In between we dress up and carve pumpkins. Here’s our guide to enjoying the bounty of fun that comes with October.

Go to a pumpkin patch
Why? Because everyone else is going to have a picture of their adorable kids in a pumpkin patch this year. Get on it.

A costume for yourself
Why? Because you don’t want to be the lame mom without a costume. Find a wig, a mask or a crazy hat—before the only costume left at the store is that little naughty nurse number—and have some fun.

Our Etsy Canada picks
Why? Because we carefully curated our top picks for mom, dad, kids, baby and home. There’s something for everyone.

Halloween Candy Toss or Skeletons in the Closet
Why? Because these great small group games are a blast, whether you’re having a party at home or at school.

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr
Why? This toddler approved book about showing gratitude is so sweet it made our list of 12 Children’s Books Everyone Will Love.

Buy local for your Thanksgiving dinner
Why? Isn’t that the purpose of the harvest meal? Be grateful for our bounty of fresh produce and turkeys from local farmers.

Why? Because it’s a new free web app for staying organized and sane(ish). Think of HomeZada as your online home for everything house-related. You do things like enter data about your home and it does things like catalogue home inventory and schedule basic repairs. Darn useful.

Don’t Forget Your List
Why? Because you don’t want to forget your list, do you? This app makes sure you don’t—by reminding you of what you need based on your geographic location. It’s a busy month—get organized.

Our classic homemade cranberry sauce
Why? Because even if you’re not hosting, you still need to bring something.

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