The Back-to-School List


Everyone is always so stressed out about back-to-school planning. I know there is a lot to do, and I’m certainly not trying to diminish the importance of being organized and ready for a fresh new start.
Having said that, there is only one week left of our glorious summer and do we really want to spend it running around finding the right pair of jeans and the coolest hoodies for the kids? Not really.

I have two boys. One wears a uniform and the other wears shorts (and he would wear them all year long if I let him). My strategy is to make up a quick list of what absolutely must happen before day one:

  1. Hair cuts
  2. Uniform items ordered
  3. Backpacks
  4. Lunch bags
  5. Pencils, pens, books, etc. depending on what the school requires
  6. New shoes—only because the good options run out if you wait
  7. Showers

The reality is that most public schools tell you what you need on the first day, so it’s best to pop into the school supply stores that week. I know it doesn’t sound that savvy to wait, but then you get what you need. Another tip is to do your shopping in the evening when the stores are empty as most Staples or big-box school supply stores are open late for the first week back at school.

For all those ‘must have’ back-to-school fashion clothes for school, can’t they wait one more week until summer is officially over?

Enjoy your last week of summer and let the shopping happen when it needs to.

What are you doing to get ready for school? Our readers have offered some great tips on our Facebook page as well!


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