The Business of Mom


Take it from us—figuring out how to raise your family and your business without losing your mind or your shirt is tough work. Very tough work.
We know how tough it is because we’re a mom entrepreneur business ourselves, and we support other mom entrepreneurs across the country as much as we can. Much of the stuff we write about is mom entrepreneur-invented (after all, moms are the ones with the inspiration and imagination to make the things that are ‘good to know but hard to find’). And our annual Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award celebrates mom entrepreneurs, too.

So to make that tough work easier, whether you’re a budding mom entrepreneur mulling over the big decision to start your own business or an experienced one looking for some guidance from your peers, we’ve now got a go-to, how-to manual.

Successful mom entrepreneurs, Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell, self-styled Bay Street refugees and founders of everyone’s favourite baby blanket business, Admiral Road Designs, together with Rotman School of Business (and mom of three) professor Rebecca Reuber, have written the ultimate reference book for mom entrepreneurs entitled Mom Inc. ($24.99, Harper Collins) and it’s hot off the press today.


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