The Santa Solution


There is a short list of things about motherhood that nobody prepares you for.
One of the things on that list is the pressure we feel around the holiday season to keep the dream alive (especially while we have believers in the house). Suddenly we are tasked with doing the job of the greatest superhero ever—Santa. Because if we don’t deliver, the dream dies.

So it’s off to the workshop to find those special gifts for all the girls and boys on the list.

But it’s not at the North Pole that you’ll be doing your shopping this year. It’s much easier to surf over to the new and improved Mastermind Toys website where you’ll easily find everything you need.

Mastermind Toys 2010 Gift Guide. Our very best toys and books.But first, you’ll want to browse the Mastermind Toys 2010 Gift Guide. The new digital version comes complete with product videos and allows readers to flip through from each toy-filled page to the next. You simply click on a product to get more details and buy on the spot. Pretend you’re one of Santa’s elves and see if you can find the perfect match for the children in your home. No doubt they will be willing and able to direct you to the right place on the guide if you look at it together—making your job that much easier.

Once you have all the information required (read: the Santa list), you’re ready to go online to and start shopping. The new site is so easy to use and filled with great promotions. But the real news-you-can-use here is that they don’t just wrap the gifts for you (they do, and it’s free!), they top them with personalized gift tags and will deliver them to whatever address you request. Just like those little elves. Worried about delivery costs? Purchases over $100 are free to deliver anywhere in Canada until November 19.

And as if that’s not enough, SavvyMom readers get $10 off any order of $100 or more when they enter promotional code ggsavvy2010 in the checkout until November 19.

Don’t let that holiday pressure get to you this year. Get online with and find your own North Pole.


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