Triumphant Solutions


Practical solutions is our middle name at SavvyMom. So without further ado, herewith we share two of our recent ‘over the transom’ favourites, each of which brings its own savvy solution to the table:
Got BaaLLs?
It takes BaaLLs to do as much laundry as most of us moms have to do, especially when we’re trying to reduce our eco-impact at the same time. That’s why we fell in love with BaaLLs, handmade, virgin wool dryer balls. Just throw them in your dryer and leave them there—they reduce drying time by 40% for a full load, reduce static cling without the use of petrochemical-laden dryer sheets and soften clothes. You’ll never have to buy another box of dryer sheets again, which will save money and the environment. ($29.99, available at

Petit Collage Gallery CornersArtful Adhesive
Having an art attack caused by creative overload after the first two months of preschool? Fighting with the kids about using scotch tape on your freshly painted walls? The new Petit Collage Gallery Corners will get you out of these sticky situations. You can hang up your own ever-changing art collection, photos and more with these removable and reusable (for maximum eco-sustainability points) fabric decals from Petit Collage. Just place one on each corner and stick on any non-porous flat surface (yes, that includes your stainless-finish fridge). We love the patterns, which are reprinted from vintage wallpaper designs, and the kids love to curate their own art collection. ($19.50, available in circle or triangle designs at


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