The Savvy Baby Shower Gift Guide

baby shower gifts

We know babies are born every day, all year long, all over the world. We do.

But we also know that the ones born in the spring have better baby showers because it’s the season of the Baby Shower. We’re not saying it makes sense—we’re just sayin’.

So with that in mind (and most recent invitation in hand), we shopped and schlepped all over to find the newest, coziest, coolest and most practical items to recommend as the perfect gift for the babe on your list.

Before the iPad nursery mobile app is released (it’s coming, just you wait…), go old-school soothing with a hand-knitted Blabla Mobile designed by a French mother and artist and knitted by Peruvian artisans. The beautiful Blabla line has passed strict US and Canadian safety standards (for construction quality and non-toxic fabric dyes). Sometimes it’s the simple things that look, and mean, the most.
($135, where to buy)

Little Auggie's Simply Beautiful Bedding CollectionWe occasionally search for the silver lining in parenthood (their refusal to nap equals another day to put off the laundry). Little Auggie’s Simply Beautiful Bedding Collection for babies (and toddlers) will line their cribs and deliver the silver lining too—a sweet surrounding for all those sleep-deprived hours spent in the baby’s room.
($150, where to buy)

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