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This Foundation Helps Bring Free Music Classes to Kids in Shelters

Rainbow Songs Foundation

Do you need a reason to cry happy tears today?

I’ll never say no to reading a feel-good story that restores my faith in humanity… so, when I heard about Rainbow Songs Foundation and what they’re doing for families in Toronto, I cried all the happy tears.

Rainbow Songs Foundation delivers a musical education program, free of charge, to families living in Toronto shelters and housing communities. What I didn’t realize was that young families are the fastest-growing demographic in the shelter system—and many of these parents and children have faced domestic violence, poverty and homelessness.

But, take their circumstances out of the picture and the fact remains that they’re just like the rest of us—parents who want the best for their kids and children who want and need to bond with their parents.

Rainbow Songs Foundation gives these families a reprieve from their daily lives through music. And they do it by helping parents make music with their children. Is there anything more beautiful in the simplicity of that?

The best part is, not only do parents and kids get to have fun and spend focused time together, they enjoy long-term benefits, like a stronger parent-child attachment, more confidence and self-esteem when it comes to parenting—and studies have shown that musical education in little kids can support positive brain development as well as social and behavioural skills.

Plus, the music classes often have a strong, positive effect on children with separation anxiety. (Cue the tears.)

One parent who has taken part in the program said, “My kids sing the songs we learn in class all the time… in the bath, at bedtime, when they wake up.” (And… more tears.)

I love that RSF is committed to helping positively impact the social, emotional and intellectual development of children. And I especially love that it’s an all-volunteer organization. But—that means that they’re funded completely through the support of the community. And because they’re so small, they can take all the help they can get.

If you’d like to donate, your money goes directly to things like new instruments and sponsoring a family’s participation in the classes. And it makes a big impact on a little one’s life.

You can donate to Rainbow Songs Foundation directly here. Or you can sign up for ECHOage and Flipgive as an additional way to support RSF.

And in case you need another reason to shed some happy tears and feel all the feels, you can watch their little video, filled with really cute kids just being kids, enjoying music and having fun with their parents.

Isn’t that we all want for our children?


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