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What We’re Watching: A frank father-son conversation about the Paris attacks
This video doesn’t need much preamble. A Parisian dad and his son have an on-air conversation with a reporter about feeling afraid in the wake of the attacks in Paris. The Dad is frank and speaks simply—and that’s the beauty of it.

What We’re Doing: Hacking our to-do lists recently interviewed Laura Vanderkam, who is a successful entrepreneur, marathoner, writer, author, speaker, and mom of four. (We’re exhausted just thinking about it.) Laura spilled her 13 hacks for being more productive, and we thought she was really on to something. Our favourite time management hack from the article? Lower your housekeeping standards. Laura says, ‘So what if the toys are out in the playroom? You’re not there.’

fake fried chicken

What We’re Eating: Fake fried chicken
Who doesn’t love Shake ‘N Bake chicken? If you’re like us, and our food editor, Jan, you probably grew up on it. Jan always seems to know what we’re craving before we do—because she surprised us this week with a recipe for a homemade version of the classic recipe. Jan points out that this is one of those recipes where the finished product tastes equally delicious hot out of the oven and cold from the fridge—making it ideally suited for those nights when you’re not sure what family members will be home and when.

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